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Have you been on the Instagram lately and seen a thousand hair videos?  Have you wonder why wigs are such a hot commodity ? Why are girls rocking wigs more than their natural hair? Have you stood next to someone in the grocery store and admired their long hair, but didn't even know they had a hair full of extensions? Wigs have been popping and in style for thousands of generations. History books told stories how if one wore wigs it showed a sign of Royalty. Nowadays, you'll see many women wear wigs. 


1. PROTECTIVE STYLE.Wigs are a protective style. Nowadays, you can purchase a wig that has texture, color, or length you desire without having to cause damage to your natural hair by DYI styling.

2.MEDICAL REASONS. Some suffer from hair disorders or some have personal illnesses, cancer, etc. that result in hair loss. 

3. When your tired of rocking the same look, you can buy a wig to change your look instantly!! 

4. Confidence booster. Hello!

5. Time and Affordability. 

6. Entertainment.

These are just a few reasons why women wear wigs. Whatever your reason is do you sis! We support you.