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When you order your frontals, wigs, etc you think that you'll receive a finished product like you see on the gram, Snapchat or Facebook. Truth be told, those units went thru some customization. To make your frontal look natural we always suggest going to a well known stylist / licensed cosmetologist that is familiar with installing them. They are the professionals! However, we'll share some tips and tricks with you! 

1. You'll need to bleach your lace unit knots. 

2. Pluck the lace unit hairline to mirror your natural hairline. Insider trick: its good to pluck the interior to get decrease the density of crown of the lace unit. This will help you achieve a flatter natural appearance. 

3. Use an frontal adhesive glue, Got2beGlue does not last. In my opinion. 

3. Use a wig stocking cap that matches your natural skin complexion. The stocking cap. 

4. Your lace unit should be placed just above the hairline.

5. Add an elastic band; this will help keep your unit in place with the help of the adhesive glue.


These are our tips and tricks its always good to consult with your stylist they are the professionals!!